Futoshi Ito

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Futoshi Ito
Employment history:
Sega Enterprises (1985[1] – 1999[1])
Role(s): Engineer

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Futoshi Ito (伊藤 太) is a former electrical engineer at Sega Enterprises and deputy manager of AM R&D Dept.#4. He joined in 1985 and worked on many notable arcade cabinets like Space Harrier, OutRun, After Burner, Galaxy Force, R360, Super Monaco GP, and so forth. He also had a hand in a wide array of other amusement hardware, including several models in the Making Club Series (such as Print Club 2, the HMD (head mounted display) prototype, Medal game machines, etc.[1].

After leaving Sega in 1999, he worked for Sun Works and several other companies, continuing to develop amusement systems. He is now the CEO of Idea Games[1].

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