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Gungriffon II
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Game Arts, Entertainment Software Publishing
Supporting companies:
Sound driver: SCSP/CD-DA (43 tracks)
Peripherals supported: Taisen Cable, Saturn Twin-Stick
Genre: 3D Shooting[1], Shooting[2]

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥6,800 (7,140)6,800e[3] T-4510G
Sega Rating: All Ages
Sega Saturn
(Taisen Cable Doukon)
¥8,0008,000 T-4511G
Sega Rating: All Ages

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Gungriffon II (ガングリフォン II) is the sequel to Gungriffon, released in 1998 for the Sega Saturn. Unlike the first game, this one was released exclusively in Japan. Gungriffon II is compatible with the Taisen Cable cable, and could also be purchased with one in a bundle pack.

Story and Premise

Gungriffon II takes place at the same time as the first game,in World War III, adding missions that weren't mentioned in the first game, basically making it a paraquel.

For detailed information regarding the premise and factions please see this article: Gungriffon



Preemptive Attack
Location: Awjila, Libya

War begins. 501st Company is ordered to attack a PEU supply unit passing through the country. Enemy units consists mostly of tanks but several bipedal AWGS units are expected to be in the area.


Lost Victory
Location: Sidi Barrani, Egypt

501st is ordered to rescue APC engineers stranded in a desalination plant. Considerable enemy presence, including German AWGSs are detected. Expect heavy fighting.


Valentine Pocket
Location: Qattara Depression, Egypt

After suffering their first defeat at Damah, APC forces withdraw through the narrow canyon. 501st must protect retreating forces until evacuation is complete. Be mindful of muddy terrain as you engage PEU attack helicopters and AWGSs.


Ice Crystal
Location: Vostochnaha Litsa, Russia

Destroyed during battle of Novosibirsk, 502nd Company is rebuilt and sent to rescue APC survivors of a plane crash near Kola Peninsula. 502nd must protect the rescue helicopter as it collects the survivors and transports them to a nearby Chinese submarine. Both the helicopter and submarine must be protected at all costs.


Angel Present
Location: Jartai, China

PEU forces capture a cache of nuclear weapons from a Chinese missile silo near Mongolian border and 502nd has been tasked with recovering the deadly stockpile. PEU forces has dug in behind a well protected line. 502nd must lead the attack and open a path through enemy lines allowing allied forces to move in and recover the warheads.


Counter Attack
Location: Tan Cheng, China

With AFTA forces declaring war on both PEU and APC, massive number of enemy units pour into China. 504th, rebuilt second time, launches a surprise attack against AFTA controlled air base in the South China Sea to prevent AFTA forces to launch airborne attacks and allow allies to withdraw safely. Engage and destroy three C-17 transport planes defended by US 101st Airborne division and avenge the Linyungang.


Hell's Highway
Location: Jinan, China

With the war situation is detoriating, Japanese Foreign Legion begins a fighting retreat towards the coast, hoping to return to Japan. 504th must protect the allied forces as they cross the Yellow River. Massive number of AFTA forces will swarm the battered Japanese forces. Expect heavy casualities.


Location: Pai-Ling Miao, China

War is over. Vastly outnumbered and completely surrounded, 504th Company agrees to surrender. However, one of the ace pilots of the unit, a German pilot named Michael "Black Tulip" Hartmann refuses to surrender and challenges the 504th's best pilot (you) to a 1-on-1 fight. Hartmann will be using a Jagdpanther, Germany's best AWGS against your HIGH-MACS. Pacify him before he re-ignites the war and find out who is the ace of the aces.


During the mission briefings, a woman nicknamed "Berlin Lily" can be heard talking in the background. Obviously named after infamous Tokyo Rose, this half-Japanese and half-German DJ broadcasts propaganda to Japanese troops. According to the official lore, despite being an enemy propaganda asset, she is quite popular among Japanese soldiers in the Europe and Asia.

Production credits

  • メインプログラム: 浜田 憲一
  • プログラム: 光遊社, 北本 直紀
  • 美術監督: 光遊社, 小泉 隆秀
  • 美術: 迫 章久, 平松 孝行, 光遊社, 大西 富士美, 小宮 直輝, 森田 典志
  • プラン作成: 光遊社, 竹中 俊勝
  • データ作成: 原田 修, 庭野 健一, 石川 昌則, 猪俣 竜次, 光遊社, 仲村 浩
  • 3Dモデリング: 横川 憲太郎, 祝田 憲一, 光遊社, 土井 智樹, 広瀬 雄一
  • コンテ: 番場 進, 押木 賢, 吉田 聡士
  • 設定: 岡田 厚利, 小川 陽平
  • データリサーチ: 須永 有三, 長村 琢哉
  • 技術協力: 岡部 博明
  • メカニカルデザイン: ビークラフト, 山田 隆博
  • パッケージアート: デザインオフィス メカマン, 岡田 有章
  • イラスト: 佐藤 和己
  • ロゴ・マーキングデザイン: ハイドアウト, 高橋 秀治
  • 音楽: T's Music, 佐藤 眞一郎, 幡手 康隆
  • 音響システム: 上条 有
  • 音響効果: 伊良波 穣, 松田 明男
  • CV: 新山 志保, 磯部 弘, 堀 之紀, 岸野 幸正, 江川 央生, 吉水 孝宏, 高塚 正也, 西脇 保, 渡辺 和彦
  • 協力: 青二プロダクション
  • 広報: 海発 建子
  • デザイン制作: 上村 眞理子
  • セールス: 岡部 利香, 菅谷 由美, 松下 あゆみ, 林 仙悌, ESP, 塚越 洋, 上西 良夫
  • テストプレイ: 橋本 晃男, 太田 純一, 小山 慎, 菊池 雄一, 村山 友良, 山田 雄樹
  • 助監督: 林田 浩太郎
  • 監督: 宮路 武
  • 総指揮: 宮路 洋一, 内田 敏幸
  • 制作/著作: 株式会社ゲームアーツ
In-game credits

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

GungriffonII Saturn JP Flyer.pdf

GungriffonII Saturn JP Flyer.pdf
Print advert in Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) #1998-06ex: "1998-06 extra (1998-03-06ex)" (1998-02-20)
also published in:
Print advert in Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) #1998-14: "1998-14 (1998-05-08,15)" (1998-04-24)

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Gungriffon II

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Gungriffon II

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