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Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls
Studio: TMS Entertainment
Publisher: Discotek Media (US)
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 13
Original airdate: 2014-10-08 — 2014-12-24
Original channel(s): Animax (JP), Crunchyroll (US)
Country of origin: Japan
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DVD Video
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Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls (Hi☆sCoool! セハガール) is a Japanese television anime series based on the Sega Hard Girls. It aired between October 2014 and December 2014. The show features various Sega games and characters in each episode, and uses a mix of video footage of the games and CG animation. The main characters are the Mega Drive, Saturn and Dreamcast re-imagined as female humans.

List of episodes

Episode Video Name Date Airtime Description
1x01 Itsu datte 10-nen hayai nda yo!
2014-10-08 11:20 While the girls introduce themselves and get to know each other, their teacher, a rabbit who calls himself Center, tells the girls that if they want to graduate that they need to win 100 medals throughout their studies. He then gives the girl's their first assignment: To go into the game Virtua Fighter.
1x02 Combo de tsunage atsui kimochi
コンボでつなげ 熱い気持ち
2014-10-15 11:20 The girls must win 100 fights in a row if they want to pass this assignment. After defeating Akira Yuki, the girls end up fighting more Virtua Fighter characters as well as characters from other SEGA franchises such as Golden Axe, Alex Kidd, Flicky, and even a giant beetle that culminates in a match against Sakura Shinguji from Sakura Wars. All opponents fall victim to Dreamcast's headbutt. In the end only Saturn gets the five medals because Mega Drive was knocked out and Dreamcast was disqualified for finishing matches before the fights actually began.
1x03 Up, down, left, right, tamani naname-jou
2014-10-22 11:20 The girls discuss what they might do after graduating and end up talking about Saturn's future romances then imitate being weather forecasters. When they go to see what their next assignment is they find out they have to go into the game Space Channel 5 to save Center's friends while also earning medals. Mega Drive resents this because she has no dancing skills.
1x04 [SeHa Girl] Space Channel 5 [Odottemita]
2014-10-29 11:20 The girls meet up with Ulala and proceed to help her out with stopping the Morolians. When various things drop their ratings Dreamcast puts Saturn in a swimsuit because her sex appeal would make their ratings rise. Center's friends end up being Jeffery from Virtua Fighter and Gilius Thunderhead from Golden Axe. When they get to the end of the game and are rapidly losing ratings Saturn gets out her Twin Sticks and finishes the job. In the end only Mega Drive and Dreamcast get medals because the Space PTA complained about Saturn using sex appeal for ratings.
1x05 Puyo + Puyo + Puyo + Puyo = 0
2014-11-05 11:20 While talking about pets the girls are then tasked by Center to come up with new game ideas by incorporating puyo into them. Good ideas gain medals and bad ideas lose them medals. Mega Drive and Dreamcast come up with Fantasy Zone and Fantasy Zone II clones that earn them medals while Saturn loses one for a puyo fighting game. Mega Drive and Dreamcast then come up with Phantasy Star Online 2 and ROOMMANIA#203 clones that net them more medals while Saturn loses another one. In the end Saturn comes up with a Puyo Puyo Waterslide game that gets her back a medal she lost.
1x06 Centre sensei no centre shiken
2014-11-12 11:20 The girls take their first exam! They go into the game Border Break to get more medals than usual and all is going fine until they get to the enemy core. When they are about to destroy it they find out that someone is hacking them. Center tries to save them but is to late. Dr. Eggman comes down from the sky and they guess that he must be the hacker. He then shrinks them down (Saturn referencing Woody Pop) and sends an army after them but Sonic the Hedgehog appears!
1x07 Eggman vs. Sonic with Sega Hard Girls
2014-11-19 11:21 Sonic beats the robots that were sent after the girls and they hitch a ride on his quills. They go though the games of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Adventure before catching up with Eggman. Dreamcast falls off Sonic, which leads to Sonic trying to save her and getting beaten instead. Back in the Border Break world, Mega Drive conjures up an invincibility monitor for Sonic to use that he defeats Eggman with. During all this the enemy core is destroyed and the girls go back while winning the game. Upon their return, Center is apparently still hacked and they almost find out who he is. They are then awarded their medals.
1x08 Kagayake! Dai 54-kai! Nouten chokugeki! Porori wanaikedo porori seishun genkai no barrier o uchiyabure! Sehagaga gakuen bunkamatsuri!
輝け!第54回!脳天直撃!ポロリはないけどポロリ青春 限界のバリアを打ち破れ!セハガガ学園文化祭!
2014-11-26 11:19 The school's annual culture festival is coming up and the girls have to figure out what they want to do for it because whoever wins gets medals. While browsing the other contestants they talk about their various competition (who are actually other Sega Hard Girls), who among them is Caroline Powell from the Dynamite Deka series as well as other girls from various Sega franchises. In the end the girls lose to Bongo from Congo Bongo due to the ape being "nude".
1x09 Buki kyouka no seikou-ritsu 50%, taikande wa 15%-setsu
2014-12-03 11:20 The girls are tasked to go into the game Chain Chronicle and retrieve Spirit Stones for medals. However when they find out they have to go through a phone they state their distaste for it. Once in the game they beat their first enemy and get a Spirit Stone. After this they try to recruit people from the tavern, which include faces such as Robo and Mobo, Holmes, and Mint-kun, among others. With no luck they decide to go off on their own again and end up getting another Spirit Stone just as the phone dies meaning the second one didn’t count in the end.
1x10 Koware kake no Jet Set Radio
2014-12-10 11:20 The girls are tasked with going into the game Jet Set Radio. If they do a cool trick they’ll get medals. Whoever wins the race and graffitis what they want for the future at the end of it gets even more medals! When the girls first get into the game they end up taking pictures at a photo booth and then Mega Drive gets training skates because she’s not very good. In the end, Dreamcast wins, and her wish was that they would all be together forever.
1x11 Dream Rappy, Saturn Rappy, Mega Rappy, ?? Rappy
ドリラッピー, サタラッピー, メガラッピー, ??ラッピー
2014-12-17 11:20 The girls are tasked with two games: Phantasy Star Online 2 and Shining Force Cross Exlesia Zenith. They question how they will go into two games at once (while referencing Doki Doki Penguin Land) and they are told they will go into Shining Force using Phantasy Star Online 2 costumes. Once in game they get Rappy costumes and mess around a little (while referencing Altered Beast) before confronting a dragon. They try to beat it and Dreamcast gets sent flying. Saturn and Mega Drive try to beat it to no avail before a sword wielding Rappy comes in and single-handedly beats the boss. It turns out it was an actual Rappy that defeated the boss and it is shown that Dreamcast was flung to an even harder foe.
1x12 Sehaga, sotsugyou suru n datte yo
セハガ, 卒業するんだってよ
2014-12-24 11:20 A person called Black Asobin hacks their network and steals all of the girl's medals while only leaving Saturn with one. He invites them to challenge him in his world, Black Asobin World. While here, they climb his tower doing various challenges and end up at the top where he challenges them in Space Harrier. Saturn is the only one who can go in and save the day. Once Black Asobin is defeated it is revealed that it was Center all along. He says that this was their graduation test and that even in the Border Break world that the "hacking" was his doing. He gives the girls their medals back plus the ones they earned but Saturn is a few short. Mega Drive and Dreamcast give Saturn their extra medals so that they all have 100. They then prepare to graduate.
1x13 Itsu datte, tsunagattemasukara!
いつだって, つながってますから!
2014-12-24 11:19 The girls learn that graduating means that they will cease to exist in their current forms as they are just apart of the imagination of their creators at Sega. They will instead be reborn as consoles in the real world to be loved by all. They say their goodbyes and Mega Drive is the first to leave. Once she is gone Saturn and Dreamcast have a little talk before she too, has to leave. With Dreamcast all alone she wonders if she will be a good console but gets encouragement from various Sega characters they met along their journey. Reassured, Dreamcast leaves while saying that she will always be connected to everyone. During the credits, a father gives his son a Dreamcast at home and they play it. The episode ends with a "GAME OVER" in the Sega font with a cursor stuck in-between the "Yes" and "No" of a "Continue?" prompt.


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Physical scans

Blu-ray version

Blu-ray, JP (Vol. 1)
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DVD, JP (Vol. 1)
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