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Kenseiden title.png

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Hwarang-ui Geom, Title Screen.png

System(s): Sega Master System
Publisher: Sega
Peripherals supported: FM Sound Unit
Genre: Action[1][2]

Number of players: 1
Official in-game languages:
  • 日本語
  • English
  • 한국어
  • Release Date RRP Code
    Sega Master System
    ¥5,5005,500 G-1358
    Sega Master System
    Sega Master System
    Sega Master System
    £24.9524.95[5] MK-7013-50
    Sega Master System
    Sega Master System
    Sega Master System
    Sega Master System

    Kenseiden (剣聖伝) is a platform action game developed and published by Sega for the Sega Master System. The game uses the FM Sound Unit for enhanced music when running on a Sega Mark III or Japanese Master System.

    The game was released as Hwarang-ui Geom (화랑의 검, "Sword of the Flower Knight") in South Korea. The main character sprite was altered to look like a Korean warrior and the map of Japan was changed to a map of Korea.


    The samurai Hayato must fight warlocks and evil spirits that plague 16th century Japan. The warlocks stole the five secret scrolls and the Sword of the Dragon King from his family. Hayato, who has dragon blood in his veins, must recover the scrolls and sword from the Black Magic Castle in Edo.


    Kenseiden, Map.png


    The game is an action platformer similar Konami's Castlevania series. The player controls Hayato, battling supernatural horrors in 16th century Japan. Hayato walks with Left or Right, kneels with Down, and jumps with 2. He walks up staircases with Up-left or Up-right and down staircases with Down-left or Down-right. He enters doorways with Up. He attacks with his katana with 1. He can perform an upward slash from a kneeling position with Down+2. He can also attack while jumping.

    Hayato's strength is indicated by a bar at the top of the screen. He loses strength whenever an enemy attacks him. His strength is carried over from stage to stage. If he loses all of his health, he loses a life. The game ends if he loses all of his lives, but it can be continued if the player has found the Diary item. The player can find items that grant extra lives and continues, and extra lives are also awarded for every 20,000 points earned.

    There are sixteen rounds total, each taking place in a different old province of Japan. After completing the first round, the next round is selected from a map. The player can cycle through the rounds with 1 and select the currently flashing province with 2. The rounds available on the map depends on the last round completed. The player can backtrack and replay a previously completed round.

    Some of the rounds contain a warlock that Hayato can battle. If he is victorious, the warlock drops a scroll that teaches Hayato a new ability. Some of the round are "training rounds," which contain an optional obstacle course through a dojo filled with arrows and spikes. Hayato loses the challenge if he is hit by anything but can retry it if he fails. He is given a reward such as an extension of his strength bar or a defensive talisman if he succeeds.

    Secrets of the Scrolls

    These special techniques are learned by defeating warlocks and collecting the scrolls that they drop.

    Ability Button Combination Description
    High Jump (高跳び) Up+2 Gives Hayato the ability to jump higher.
    Crushing Head Attack (からたけわり) Up+1 An upward standing sword slice that allows Hayato to hit enemies above him as well as in front of him.
    Splitting the Helmet (兜割) Up+1 (in mid-air) A sword slash that can be performed while jumping.
    Cutting the Air (真空斬り) Down+1 A maneuver that attacks enemies both in front of and behind him from a kneeling position.
    Wild Wheel Sword (乱射と) Up-left or Up-right Allows Hayato to walk while cutting with his sword in a spinning motion.


    Kenseiden, Items.png
    Gourd of Life (瓢箪)
    Partially restores Hayato's strength.
    Kenseiden, Items.png
    Medicine Case (印籠)
    Completely replenishes Hayato's strength when he takes fatal damage. Hayato can carry one at a time.
    Kenseiden, Items.png
    Sword (かたな)
    Upgrades the power of Hayato's attacks.
    Kenseiden, Items.png
    Talisman of Protection (御守)
    Increases Hayato's defenses so that he takes less damage from enemy attacks.
    Kenseiden, Items.png
    Secret Scrolls (秘伝書)
    Teaches Hayato a new technique. Obtained by defeating warlocks. Also fully replenishes his strength.
    Kenseiden, Items.png
    Wooden Doll (こけし)
    Gives the player an extra life, up to a maximum of 9.
    Kenseiden, Items.png
    Diary (日記)
    Gives the player the opportunity to continue the game after running out of lives.


    Kenseiden, Stage 1.png

    Higo (肥後)
    Map: 1️⃣ 

    Kenseiden, Stage 2.png

    Kenseiden, Stage 2 Boss.png

    • Kenseiden, Stage 2.png

    • Kenseiden, Stage 2 Boss.png

    Chikuzen (筑前)
    Maps: 1️⃣ | 2️⃣ 

    Kenseiden, Stage 3.png

    Nagato (長門)
    Map: 1️⃣ 

    Kenseiden, Stage 4.png

    Kenseiden, Stage 4 Boss.png

    • Kenseiden, Stage 4.png

    • Kenseiden, Stage 4 Boss.png

    Iyo (伊予)
    Map: 1️⃣ 

    Kenseiden, Stage 5.png

    Tosa (土佐)
    Map: 1️⃣ 

    Kenseiden, Stage 6.png

    Izumo (出雲)
    Map: 1️⃣ 

    Kenseiden, Stage 7.png

    Settsu (摂津)
    Map: 1️⃣ 

    Kenseiden, Stage 8.png

    Yamato (大和)
    Map: 1️⃣ 

    Kenseiden, Stage 9.png

    Kenseiden, Stage 9 Boss.png

    • Kenseiden, Stage 9.png

    • Kenseiden, Stage 9 Boss.png

    Kaga (加賀)
    Maps: 1️⃣ | 2️⃣ 

    Kenseiden, Stage 10.png

    Kenseiden, Stage 10 Boss.png

    • Kenseiden, Stage 10.png

    • Kenseiden, Stage 10 Boss.png

    Iga (伊賀)
    Map: 1️⃣ 

    Kenseiden, Stage 11.png

    Owari (尾張)
    Map: 1️⃣ 

    Kenseiden, Stage 12.png

    Echyu (越中)
    Map: 1️⃣ 

    Kenseiden, Stage 13.png

    Kenseiden, Stage 13 Boss.png

    • Kenseiden, Stage 13.png

    • Kenseiden, Stage 13 Boss.png

    Suruga (駿河)
    Map: 1️⃣ 

    Kenseiden, Stage 14.png

    Echigo (越後)
    Map: 1️⃣ 

    Kenseiden, Stage 15.png

    Kenseiden, Stage 15 Boss.png

    • Kenseiden, Stage 15.png

    • Kenseiden, Stage 15 Boss.png

    Mito (水戸)
    Map: 1️⃣ 

    Kenseiden, Stage 16.png

    Kenseiden, Stage 16 Boss 1.png

    Kenseiden, Stage 16 Boss 2.png

    • Kenseiden, Stage 16.png

    • Kenseiden, Stage 16 Boss 1.png

    • Kenseiden, Stage 16 Boss 2.png

    Edo (江戸)
    Map: 1️⃣ 


    Localised names

    Also known as
    Language Localised Name English Translation
    English Kenseiden Kenseiden
    Japanese 剣聖伝 Kenseiden
    Korean Hwarang-ui Geom (화랑의검) Sword of the Flower Knight


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    Promotional materials

    SMS DE TV advert (1989)

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    Master System, JP
    Kenseiden JP cover.jpg
    Kenseiden JP cart.jpg
    Master System, US
    Kenseiden US cover.jpg
    Kenseiden sms us manual.pdf
    Master System, EU
    Kenseiden EU cover.jpg
    Kenseiden EU cart.jpg
    Master System, EU (Sega®)
    Kenseiden EU R cover.jpg
    Master System, EU ("No Limits")
    Kenseiden EU nolimits cover.jpg
    Master System, SE (Dennis Bergström)

    Kenseiden SMS SE Manual DBE.png
    Master System, AU
    Kenseiden AU cover.jpg
    Kenseiden SMS AU cart.jpg
    Master System, BR (cardboard)
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    Master System, BR
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    Master System, KR
    Kenseiden SMS KR backcover.jpgKenseiden SMS KR spine.jpgKenseiden SMS KR cover.jpg
    Kenseiden SMS KR cart.jpg

    Technical information

    ROM dump status

    System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
    Sega Master System
    CRC32 516ed32e
    MD5 6ae8f011701608ae8b765a26eb0b7ce1
    SHA-1 3fce661d57e8bc764e7190ddbee4bf3d3e214c6c
    256kB Cartridge (EU/US)
    Sega Master System
    CRC32 05ea5353
    MD5 f4c3327b0f92e09b21f59e90fd273c2f
    SHA-1 cd349833ff41821635c6242a0b8cef7e071103d5
    256kB Cartridge (JP)



    Kenseiden title.png

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