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Naohisa Morota
Employment history:
Role(s): Musician

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Naohisa Morota (諸田 直久) is a sound programmer formerly employed by Sunsoft. Work at this company includes Famicom (aka NES) versions of some of Sega's arcade titles, particularly Fantasy Zone and After Burner. During this time he worked with Naoki Kodaka and later Shinichi Seya, both of whom would also produce sound for various Sega titles.

In 1993 Morota joined Konami, where he would remain for at least the following decade. Work at this company includes character programming - most notably for the enemies and bosses of the Nintendo 64 Castlevania titles - and event programming in addition to his usual sound roles.

Production history

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Song credits

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Fantasy Zone (Famicom version)

  • Start — Arrangement
  • Opa-Opa! [Rd. 1] — Arrangement
  • Shop [Shop] — Arrangement
  • Boss [Rd. 1~7 Boss] — Arrangement
  • Round Up [Round Clear] — Arrangement
  • Keep on the Beat [Rd. 2] — Arrangement
  • Saari [Rd. 3] — Arrangement
  • Prome [Rd. 4] — Arrangement
  • Hot Snow [Rd. 5] — Arrangement
  • Don't Stop [Rd. 6] — Arrangement
  • Dreaming Tomorrow [Rd. 7] — Arrangement
  • Ya-Da-Yo [Rd. 8 Boss] — Arrangement
  • Victory Way [Ending] — Arrangement
  • Miss — Arrangement
  • Game Over — Arrangement

After Burner (Famicom version)