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Nazo Puyo
System(s): Sega Game Gear, Virtual Console
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Puzzle[2]

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Game Gear
¥15,80015,800 G-3224
Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console
¥286 (300)286 (300)[3]
Non-Sega versions

Nazo Puyo (なぞぷよ) is a 1993 game for the Sega Game Gear by Compile spinning off Puyo Puyo. It was released exclusively in bundles with specially marked Game Gears in Japan (hence its price tag) and would go on to receive two sequels on the Game Gear (the latter receiving two sequels on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System) and many PC-98 games (one retail, the others as part of the DiscStation series) and would be retooled as the Puzzle Mode of the 8-bit version of Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.


NazoPuyo PuzzleMaker.png

Puzzle maker

Nazo Puyo is basically the Mission Mode from the original MSX Puyo Puyo separated into its own game. There are two modes to play: Nazo Puyo, or Quest Mode (the main game), and a puzzle creator.

In Quest Mode, you are given a challenge and then a field that may or may not already have puyo in it. You must complete the challenge in the minimum number of puyo necessary. If you fail to, the game will generate a random string of puyo which will never allow you to complete the mission again, requiring you to either fill the screen or give up ( START ). Otherwise, controls are the same as Puyo Puyo.

If a field has puyo in it that are not all on the ground, or four or more puyo of the same color connected, you will be able to position one pair of puyo before they all fall down/are removed. This will be essential to completing such missions.

The puzzle creator allows you to make your own Nazo Puyo puzzles. Making puzzles requires navigating several screens through a menu (shown at right). The first screen lets you lay out the initial board; 1 places a puyo, holding 2 and moving the D-pad selects a puyo to place from the right. The second screen chooses a puzzle: Up and Down change the puzzle, Left and Right increase the number/changes the color, and 1/2 make a selection. The third screen chooses which colors of puyo will show up; 1/2 toggle. The fourth screen chooses the pairs of puyo that fall — controls are the same as those of the first screen, and after the eight one, the game will give two random colors. The fifth screen is the actual puzzle; the sixth returns to the main menu.


NazoPuyo Mission Nrensa.png

Get a chain of N [2,19] clears.

NazoPuyo Mission ClearN.png

Clear N
Clear N [5,72] Puyo at once.

NazoPuyo Mission ClearColor.png

Clear Color
Clear all colored [pink, red, blue, green, yellow, nuisance] Puyo from the field.
Note when building: each color is a separate mission, not variations on the same mission; if you do not have at least one of the color Puyo on the field, the game will detect a win condition instantly and return you to the build menu.

NazoPuyo Mission AllClear.png

All Clear
Clear all Puyo from the board (building conditions are the same as Clear Color).

NazoPuyo Mission5.png

Drop Puyos
Drop N [5,99] of Puyo.

NazoPuyo Mission ClearNOfColor.png

Clear N of Color
Clear N [5,99] of a color Puyo [red, pink, blue, yellow, green] at once
Note when building: each color is a separate mission, not variations on the same mission.

NazoPuyo Mission ClearNColorsAtOnce.png

Clear N Colors At Once
Clear Puyo of N [2,5] different colors at once.

NazoPuyo Mission8.png

Clear N [5,99] of Puyo at once.

Production credits

  • Producer: Moo Niitani
  • Director: M.Tsukamoto
  • Program: Nattoh
  • Graphic Design: Sonchoh-Sawa, Hotta, Morita Kenngo
  • Sound Driver: Jemini Hirono
  • BGM•SE: Purimatu, Einosuke Nagao
  • Package•Munual: Kazuto Hisoku, Rainbow Papa, Icchan
  • Sales Promotion: K.Kounoue, Y.Kohatsu, Kon-kon
  • Misson Coordinator: Keikun
  • Misson Proposer: Go Go Daisaku, Surf Nishi, Yoshi, Giant, Tsuka-P, LHU.Osamu, Morita(22)Tokihuru, Tatuki.P, Shiki, Mauchu, Kuni, PE, K.Miyamoto, Manabu Kun, Wakun, Ju-Saburou, Daoh Kenji, Watanabe Kit, Minaduki Akira, Kon-kon
  • Special Thanks to: Compile Staff
In-game credits

Magazine articles

Main article: Nazo Puyo/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

Print advert in Beep! MegaDrive (JP) #1993-08: "August 1993" (1993-07-08)

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Nazo Puyo

Game Gear, JP

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NazoPuyo GG JP Manual.pdf

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Game Gear
CRC32 bcce5fd4
MD5 1f7f13111353aeb49205bb3fc1697dd8
SHA-1 6ad654e11067ed12437022fcf22b9fea9be7ac46
128kB Cartridge (JP)
Sega Game Gear
CRC32 d8d11f8d
MD5 286df90c900f1923a404b617907472c9
SHA-1 7b19e92a85564b166c364d990d9d44f7e1113541
128kB Cartridge (JP) (Alt)

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  • Sega of Japan 3DS VC catalogue pages: Game Gear
  • Nintendo catalogue pages: JP


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