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Pony Canyon
Founded: 1966-10-01
Defunct: 2010 (stopped game production)
T-series code: T-75

Pony Canyon (ポニーキャニオン or Pキャニオン) is a Japanese company established on October 1, 1966. It is subsidiary of Japanese Media Group, Fujisankei Communications Group. It publishes movies, VHS/DVD releases and is also a popular Japanese record label, with many successful signed artists under its wing.

Though these days the company is focused more towards flim and music, for a period it also developed and published video games. Pony Canyon is one of several developers to bring many of Sega's late 1980s arcade hits (such as OutRun and Fantasy Zone) to home platforms such as the MSX and Family Computer, and owns the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and Ultima franchises. Many of its games made it to North America via their sister group, FCI. The last video game it published was Virtual View: Nemoto Harumi for the PlayStation 2 in July 2003.




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