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Sega Keyboard
Made for: SG-1000, SG-1000 II, Sega Mark III
Manufacturer: Sega
Type: Keyboard
Release Date RRP Code
¥13,80013,800[1] SK-1100

The Sega Keyboard (セガ・キーボード) SK-1100 is a keyboard add-on intended for the SG-1000 console, released only in Japan in 1984 alongside the SG-1000 II. It is also compatible with the Sega Mark III.

The SK-1100 essentially upgrades an SG-1000 or SG-1000 II, creating an SC-3000 home computer. This allows the console to interface with SC-3000 software reliant on the SC-3000's keyboard. Unlike a typical keyboard add-on, the SK-1100 also includes ports for the SP-400 printer and SR-1000 cassette recorder, allowing users to load and save work, as well as give the machine access to the large library of SC-3000 cassette software.

Though this set-up gives the SG-1000 all the features of an SC-3000, it is still incompatible with some BASIC cartridges. To compensate, BASIC SK-III was created specifically for use with the device.

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SG-1000, JP
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