Sega Compact Floppy Disk

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SF7000 Disk AU Photo1.jpg
Sega Compact Floppy Disk
Made for: SF-7000
Manufacturer: Sega
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The Sega Compact Floppy Disk is the disk medium for the Super Control Station SF-7000 add-on for the SC-3000 home computer. They were manufactured by Sega and made available alongside the SF-7000 upon release.

The Compact Floppy Disk was 3-inches wide, and was also the disk medium of choice for the Amstrad brand of home computers. The 3-inch disk standard was not as popular as the 3½-inch or 5¼-inch varieties, and are now considered rare.

Physical scans

SG-1000, AU
SF7000 Disk AU Insert4.jpgSF7000 Disk AU Insert1.jpg
SF7000 Disk AU Disk SideA.jpg
Side A
SF7000 Disk AU Disk SideB.jpg
Side B
SF7000 Disk AU Insert2.jpg
Inside 1
SF7000 Disk AU Insert3.jpg
Inside 2


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