Sega World (Taiwan)

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In Taiwan, Sega World is a former chain of game centers owned and operated by Sega.

The country is believed to have been the first outside of Japan to receive the naming scheme; Sega Amusements Taiwan was created in early 1992 for their operations,[1] and the first overseas Sega World, Sega World Chiayi City, later opened in February of that year. Several other locations opened over the course of the decade, with a small number of Club Sega and Sega Arena venues also later appearing.

Reflecting the preferred naming scheme in Japan in more recent years, all former Sega World centers have been rebranded to use the generic "Sega" look, however for the time being, the remaining Oe location continues to use its original namesake in an official capacity.[2] Although the majority of the original Sega World venues have since closed, Sega's arcade presence in the region has ultimately been maintained for nearly 30 years.