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Tiny Toon Adventures 3
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Sound driver: Sunsoft sound driver
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
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Sega Mega Drive

Tiny Toon Adventures 3 is an unlicensed Sega Mega Drive platform game, first released in 1996. Despite its name, it has no relation to the cartoon show, and instead follows "Rabbit Clever" on his quest to save his animal friends from the "Prince of Darkness".


The second screen of the game's introduction.

The game's story is displayed by waiting on the title screen for a few seconds:

There's a group of devoting peace animals live happily in a Imaginable Island. One day, Prince of Darkness arrests some of the animals who won't compromise his dictatorial regime to govern the Imaginable Island. Then the cleverest animal among the island, Rabbit Clever, comes out to fight with Prince of Darkness for justice to rescue.


The game is a generic platformer in which the player moves Rabbit Clever across each stage in a linear fashion. Pressing B makes Rabbit Clever jump, while holding A allows him to run faster. There are coins to collect all over the levels which not only award points, but collecting 100 of them will award an extra life and reset the coin counter to zero. Getting hit by enemies will make the player lose a heart and drop six of their coins, and a life is lost if all hearts are lost or the player falls into a bottomless pit. The player can continue the game from the last level reached up to six times if all lives are lost.

Though optional, the main point of Rabbit Clever's quest is to save his animal friends, who are trapped inside cages. Jumping on a cage will release the animals inside and award bonus points at the end of a level, as well as destroy all on-screen enemies. Jumping on a treasure chest (similar in appearance to the chests from Ristar) will release a heart that will replenish any hearts lost, up to a maximum of three hearts at one time. Collecting a large coin will award 10 coins and give Rabbit Clever temporary invulnerability (indicated by a trail of invincibility stars from Sonic the Hedgehog) that lasts until either he takes a hit or after a few seconds have passed.


There are a total of five levels in the game. Each level is split into four screens, with a fifth screen dedicated to the level's boss.

TTA3 MD Level1 Area1.png

TTA3 MD Level1 Boss.png

Level 1
The first level is set in a rocky canyon with instant-death lava pits that have fireballs jumping out of them. Rabbit Clever will have to rescue dalmatians from the cages, and jump on skunks, eagles, naked ostriches and rhinos. The third and fourth screens, which have a forest background, also feature burrowing dirt that is harmful.

The boss of this level is a giant gorilla who slightly resembles Donkey Kong, who attacks by stomping the ground to make rocks fall from the ceiling onto Rabbit Clever. To defeat him, the player has to jump on him eight times, though consecutive hits will only register after his hurt animation finishes playing.

TTA3 MD Level2 Area1.png

TTA3 MD Level2 Boss.png

Level 2
The second level is set in a wooded forest, with the terrain consisting of logs for Rabbit Clever to walk along on, mushrooms that act as springboards, and squirrels to rescue from cages. The enemies include bats that flutter after Rabbit Clever, pill bugs that will roll as soon as they appear on-screen, raccoons found in high places that will toss down projectiles, and kangaroos that punch after each jump they make.

The boss is a pair of spiders. The brown spider will periodically drop from the canopy for an opportunity for the player to attack, while the blue spider will stay in the canopy at all times and shoot immobilising spiderwebs at the player (similar to the first boss's tornadoes in Ristar). Attacking the brown spider six times will destroy both spiders.

TTA3 MD Level3 Area1.png

TTA3 MD Level3 Boss.png

Level 3
The third level is a grassy forest whose graphics and one of its backgrounds appear to be traced from Super Mario World. The enemies encountered in this level are mostly grounded, with ants, snails and snakes that will simply march forward, and scorpions that chase after Rabbit Clever. Birds fly across the screen at a rapid speed, dropping projectiles downward. The animals rescued from cages are smaller rabbit-like creatures.

The boss is a bull-like creature who will charge back and forth, and is only vulnerable while stopped. Five hits will defeat him.

TTA3 MD Level4 Area1.png

TTA3 MD Level4 Boss.png

Level 4
The fourth level, in addition to using traced backgrounds from Super Mario World, features foreground tiles that resemble the checkerboard terrain seen in Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog, also featuring totem poles and bridges across waterfalls for decoration, and collapsing cliffs. To further mimic Super Mario World, some of the enemies are based off Monty Moles, Koopa Troopas and Chargin' Chucks, and function similarly to their official counterparts. Other enemies include pigs that drop from the sky with parachutes and run back and forth, and frogs that hop forward or up and down on the spot. The squirrels from Level 2 are rescued from cages.

The boss is a giant bee, who attempts to divebomb Rabbit Clever with its stinger. The player must jump out of the way, then attack when it is vulnerable at least five times to defeat it. Each time the bee hits the ground, three smaller bees will fly in from the opposite side of the screen which must be avoided.

TTA3 MD Level5 Area1.png

TTA3 MD Level5 Boss.png

Level 5
The fifth and final level sees Rabbit Clever crossing a large river, jumping across platforms traced from Super Mario World. The enemies are mostly aquatic, with crabs and crocodiles scuttling across land to chase after Rabbit Clever, fish that will jump from the river, and octopi that will attempt to ambush Rabbit Clever by popping out of the river and spraying ink. Breaking the cages releases the rabbit-like creatures previously seen in Level 3.

The final boss, presumably the "Prince of Darkness", is an anthropomorphic lion who attacks by throwing knives at Rabbit Clever, then performs a slide kick to the other side of the screen. After stomping him eight times and seeing the final results tally, the game ends with a static "END" screen.


Collecting coins awards 10 points. Stomping on enemies awards 200 or 500 points for each stomp depending on the type of enemy. After defeating the boss of a level, the following point bonuses are awarded:

  • 1,000 points for each animal cage broken during the level.
  • 500 points for each heart Rabbit Clever has remaining.
  • 100 points for each coin that Rabbit Clever has on hand.

A high score is kept between subsequent playthroughs, but is lost when the game is powered off.

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Tiny Toon Adventures 3

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