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Toy Story
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Disney Interactive, Sega
Distributor: Majesco Sales (US re-release)

SF Interactive Media (SE rental)

Licensor: The Walt Disney Company
Sound driver: GEMS
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
$59.9959.99[1] T-239046
ESRB: Kids to Adults
Sega Mega Drive
(Big box)
ESRB: Kids to Adults
Sega Mega Drive
ESRB: Kids to Adults
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
£49.9949.99[4] 1193-50
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
R$89.9989.99[5] 050020
Tectoy: Todas as Idades
Sega Mega Drive
Non-Sega versions

Toy Story is a Sega Mega Drive game based on the film with the same name developed by Traveller's Tales and Psygnosis and published by Sega. Similar versions were also released for the Game Boy, Super Nintendo and Windows PCs.


Woody, an old-fashioned cowboy doll with a pull-string, competes with Buzz Lightyear, a futuristic astronaut action figure, for the affections of their owner, a young boy named Andy. Their rivalry leads to the pair being separated from Andy and fall into the clutches of the misfit neighbor Sid. Woody and Buzz must learn to work together in order to reunite with their family, who are in the process of moving to a new house and may leave them behind forever.


In most levels, the controls are simple and consistent: A and C jumps, and B whips enemies with Woody's pull-string, stunning them for a brief amount of time. Each level has a predefined objective which the player usually must complete in a set amount of time.

Toy Story on the Mega Drive achieves several technical feats rarely seen on the console, the most notable being a stage played from a first-person perspective (using ray-casting techniques similar to those found in Wolfenstein 3D). It also features a sound driver capable of playing Amiga MOD music files, which is used for the title screen and end credits, and also breaks presumed colour limitations in the cutscenes through clever use of the console's shadow/highlight mode.

The Mega Drive version is also the only version of Toy Story that features a bonus mini-game that is played after collecting enough stars. In this mini-game, the player must shoot stars as they appear on-screen before they disappear, earning up to three extra hit points if they do well enough.


ToyStory MD ThatOldArmyGame.png

That Old Army Game
The first level, set in Andy's room, tasks the player with searching for the Bucket O Soldiers and opening it, then find the baby monitor and pass it down to Sarge's troops, then head for the other baby monitor at the end of the level.

ToyStory MD RedAlert.png

Red Alert!
Andy is about to get to his room, and the player has to help the other toys get to their places within 150 seconds. Rex, Hamm and Robot need to be guided to the toy chest, RC Car and Rocky need to go under the bed, and Woody has to get on top of the bed.

ToyStory MD EgoCheck.png

Ego Check
This level is a race with Buzz Lightyear across the shelves of Andy's room, and Woody must keep up with Buzz to prove that he is just as good a toy as him. The player should bounce off the balls and swing off hooks with Woody's pull-string to cross large gaps.

ToyStory MD NightmareBuzz.png

Nightmare Buzz
This level is a boss fight where Woody is having a nightmare about a huge Buzz Lightyear with real lasers. The player should avoid his lasers and knock away the orbs shielding him with Woody's pullstring, then hit him while he is tapping his wrist communicator.

ToyStory MD BuzzClip.png

A Buzz Clip
The player controls RC Car in this level, and is tasked with driving through a linear top-down obstacle course and repeatedly ramming into Buzz in an attempt to knock him behind Andy's desk. Buzz drops a battery each time he is hit, which the player will need to collect to keep RC's battery levels from draining completely.

RC is controlled by steering with Left and Right, holding A or C to accelerate, and pressing B for the brake. Driving into the walls head-on will make RC spin out.

ToyStory MD RevengeOfTheToys.png

Revenge of the Toys
Andy's toys are angry with Woody for knocking Buzz out of the window, and the player must avoid them and help Rex get to the other side of the level. Rex's path will be blocked by toy blocks that must be knocked down by hitting them with the pull-string.

ToyStory MD RunRexRun.png

Run Rex, Run!
This level has Woody ride on Rex across Andy's room, and throughout the level trains, planes that drop Army Men, and RC Car will constantly get in the player's way and must be avoided.

ToyStory MD BuzzBattle.png

Buzz Battle
The second boss level in the game, in which Buzz will try and tackle Woody, and the player has to inflict damage to him by knocking a tire onto him with the pull-string. Each time the player successfully traps him in the tire, he will perform an attack where he bounces back and forth across the arena, spinning and dropping stars for the player to collect.

ToyStory MD FoodAndDrink.png

Food and Drink
Woody and Buzz must sneak through Pizza Planet while wrapped up in discarded food containers. Along the way, they must avoid food and drinks that fall from the tables and vending machines, and also duck with Down to avoid people that pass by (telegraphed by paper planes). The player must not idle for too long in one spot, otherwise Buzz will bump into them and take away a hit point.

ToyStory MD InsideClawMachine.png

Inside the Claw Machine
Buzz has climbed into the claw machine, and the player has to make their way up the inner workings of the claw machine to find him. This is a vertical platforming level in which the player has to climb moving and disappearing platforms and break the coin chutes to proceed, while also avoiding falling coins, rotating fans and the debris from exploding fuses.

ToyStory MD ReallyInsideClawMachine.png

Really Inside the Claw Machine
Utilising ray-casting tricks to create a 3D environment for the player to walk through, this level tasks the player with finding eight aliens in a maze and bringing them to the other aliens within a time limit of 180 seconds. The faster the player clears this level, the more stars they'll earn at the end.

This level is absent from the PC version of the game.

ToyStory MD TheClaw.png

The Claw!
In the third boss level, Sid is trying to pick up Buzz with the claw, and the player must not only avoid getting hit by the claw, but they must save Buzz each time the claw grabs him by hitting the aliens and knocking them into the claw. The player must keep Buzz safe until Sid has used up all of his coins. If Buzz is taken all the way off the right of the screen, the player will lose a life. Hitting the claw with the aliens will also make it drop stars to collect.

ToyStory MD SidsWorkbench.png

Sid's Workbench
In this level, the player has to cross Sid's workbench while avoiding spiders, flares, falling darts and spiked yo-yo's. At specific points in the level, Sid will use his magnifying glass to burn Woody, causing him to constantly run forward in a burning panic, and the player has to avoid obstacles and head for the cereal bowls to cool him off.

ToyStory MD BattleOfTheMutantToys.png

Battle of the Mutant Toys
This level has the player navigate the rest of Sid's room, avoiding more of the spiders and hazards from the previous level, and using Woody's pull-string to swing up hook ladders. At the end of the level, the player will find Buzz, and they must use his karate chop action to ward off Sid's toys while also avoiding Baby Face, who is creeping up on Woody from behind.

ToyStory MD RollerBob.png

Roller Bob
This level is similar to "Run Rex, Run!", except Woody will be riding on Roller Bob through Sid's house, avoiding bouncing cans, rockets, bombs, and Sid's dog Scud, who will periodically appear on the left of the screen to attack Woody.

ToyStory MD DayToyNa.png

This is another level where the player controls RC, only this time they are driving down a 3D strip of road (similar to games like Hang-On) in an attempt to drive back to Andy's house and pick up Buzz. The player will need to keep RC's batteries from running out by collecting power cells along the way, and each power cell collected will award the player with two stars at the end of the level.

This level is absent from the SNES version of the game.

ToyStory MD LightMyFire.png

Light My Fire
This level returns to the gameplay style previously seen in "A Buzz Clip" in that the player has to drive forward and avoid obstacles while also collecting batteries to keep RC's battery power charged. The controls for this level are the same as in "A Buzz Clip".

ToyStory MD RocketMan.png

Rocket Man
The final level in the game. In this level, Buzz and Woody are flying across the street after being lifted into the sky by the rocket on Buzz's back, and the player has to navigate them past obstacles such as cars, trees and traffic lights. Eventually, the player will fly over the moving van, and must avoid being hit by it, then land in Andy's car to clear the game.

Production credits

  • Published by: Disney Interactive
  • Program and Design: Jon Burton (Traveller's Tales)
  • Art Direction: Andy Ingram (Traveller's Tales)
  • Producer: Craig Annis (Disney Interactive)
  • Senior Producer: Steve Riding (Sony Psygnosis)
Traveller's Tales
  • Project Design and Development: Jon Burton, Andy Ingram
  • Backgrounds: Andy Ingram, Bev Bush
  • 3D Animation: Dave Burton, James Cunliffe, Andy Ingram
  • Additional Programming: David Dootson, Paul Hunter, Chris Stanforth
  • Production Support: Karen Roberts
Disney Interactive
  • Senior Producer: Patrick Gilmore
  • Associate Producer: Leila Chang
  • Music Adaptation: Patrick Collins
  • Project Manager: C. Steve Booth
  • Senior Software Production Administrator: Michael Clement
  • Pull-String Animation: Oliver Wade, Tamara Holcomb
  • Original Toy Story Music and Score: Randy Newman
  • Voice Artists: Corey Burton, R. Lee Ermey, Pat Fraley, Jim Hanks, Wallace Shawn
  • Manual Writer: Kevin G. Sullivan
  • Test Supervisor: Jeff Blattner
  • Lead Tester: William "Chip" Beaman
  • Testers: Andre Anguilar, Kristin Bachman, Roger Bray, John Castro, Kevin Cope, Paul Factora, Tim Garrity, Brian Larkin, Pat Larkin, Wes Lazara, Ronny Louie, Luigi Priore, Hugo Stevenson
  • Additional Test Support: Keith Higashihara
Sony Psygnosis
  • Music Supervisor: Phil Morris
  • Music Composition and Adaptation: Andy Blythe, Marten Joustra
  • Sound Design and Music Implementation: Allister Brimble
  • Production Support: John Rostron, Sara Lawrence, Greg Duddle
  • Quality Assurance Manager: Chris Rowley
  • Technical Directors: Tony Apodaca, Kevin Bjorke - Lighting, David Valdez - Layout
  • Animation Department Manager: Triva von Klark
  • Animators: Ash Brannon, Dave Feiten, Mark Oftedal, Steve Segal
  • Special Thanks: Ralph Guggenheim, Bonnie Arnold, John Lasseter, Pam Kerwin, Monica Corbin
Walt Disney Feature Animation and Disney Animation Services
  • Production Support: Tamara Boutcher, Stephanie Parker
In-game credits
Toy Story MD credits.pdf

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

ToyStory MD Cling.jpg
US window cling
ToyStory MD Cling.jpg
Print advert in Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) #77: "December 1995" (1995-xx-xx)
Print advert in Computer & Video Games (UK) #174: "May 1996" (1996-04-12)
Print advert in Hyper (AU) #34: "August 1996" (1996-xx-xx)
Print advert in Morgunblaðið (IS) #2000-04-15 (2000-04-15)

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Toy Story

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Technical information

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Toy Story

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