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Consumer products
TODO reevaluate the extent of LCD games

more no-intro todo: tell them to add SNES APU IPL and Nintendo 64 IPL

runs left: 2 3

ハイスクールテラ ストーリー

last action hero MD - incorrectly marked EU in ROM sets? (this goes with all the other ROM name corrections)


Moldorian: Hikari to Yami no Shisutaa - Shisutaa is actually Sister but is it Sister or Sisters

Magical Tree seems to pretty much render void the whole unlicensed korean thing as we know it...

GBA stub article TODO:
甲虫王者ムシキング ~グレイテストチャンピオンへの道~ - Kouchuu Ouja Mushiking: Greatest Champion(-he? he?) no Michi
Mr.インクレディブル~強敵アンダーマイナー登場~ (another situation like Destroy All Humans!)

PS2 stub article TODO:
BRITNEY'S DANCE BEAT - yep, sega published this in japan
オンラインゲームズ 大ぐるぐる温泉 not sure how to romanize

PC stub article TODO:
ガラパゴス (you know the deal by now)
Baldur's Gate (yup)
Neverwinter Nights too?!?!?! what?!
also Baldur's Gate II... Sonic Chronicles makes sense now
Jurassic Park Operation Genesis (funny enough, released in the US by Konami)
Ghost Master... ok you know what that's it SEGA LOCLAIZED EVERYTHING

Amagi Shien on Saturn has a Sunsoft serial number; was Clip House an imprint?

find out if GameCube Home Run KING (US) == ???

Big thing: I need to figure out to what extent Mushiking existed in the English world; supposedly Hasbro had something to do with it but they took that part of their site down and of course is being stupid and pretending it doesn't have it

note to self:
"カブシキガイシャ エ-アイ "
/home/pietro/nointro/mdroms//Cross Fire (USA).md: 000004e8
/home/pietro/nointro/mdroms//Super Airwolf (Japan).md: 000004cc

what is /home/pietro/nointro/mdroms//Sansan (Japan).md: 0007f325 - wait a second

wrestle war (has ESCO 1989; need to figure out how to trigger it)
tetris/flash point/bloxeed have stop
crack down has stop
but are they all by the same guy?

did Duke/Soul Duke work on Thunder Blade or Super Hang-On
Duke/Soul Duke DID work on After Burner II and Power Drift
Duke/Soul Duke MIGHT HAVE worked on G-LOC and Shadow Dancer arcade and Sonic Boom and even Quartet

Sony Imagesoft/Sony Electronic Publishing - what is T-62?
T-188 Mizuki > Maxbet > Spike, Geo

Simon Woodroffe

Growl Ultimate Qix Chase HQ II Arrow Flash
   Princess Sana
   F/A-18 Otaku
   K Kobayashi
   Yuji Takasu
   H Ichisumi
   Funky Miyagi
   K Asakura
   Gota Goto
   Bugtori-No Y
   Mystery Hunter
   Steed  Sasapi!
   Celica Kunipi!
   Kiyotaka Akaza
   Izumi Katoh
   F Hayashi
   Kenichi Hiza
   Kenji Miyagi
   K. Kobayashi
   Yuji Takasu
   Kiyotaka Akaza
   Kenichi Hiza 
   Hana no Oedo
   Special Thanks


    Thunder Force II (1989) JP - T-18013 | US - unmarked; possibly published by Sega | EU - unmarked; possibly published by Sega | other regions - do they exist?
    Herzog Zwei (1989) JP - T-18023 | US - unmarked; possibly published by Sega | EU - unmarked; possibly published by Sega | other regions - do they exist?
    Elemental Master (1990) JP - T-18043 | US - unknown, though probably will have a Renovation number | EU - no release | other regions - do they exist?
    Thunder Force III (1990) JP - T-18033 | US - 18036 (T-18036?) | EU - no release | other regions - do they exist?
    Devil Crash MD (porting) (1991) JP - T-18053 | US - ? | EU - ? | other regions - do they exist?
    Thunder Force IV (1992) JP - T-18063 | US - 1143 (G-1143?) | EU - unmarked? | other regions - do they exist?

[edit] Sega System C-2

    Thunder Force AC (1990) check headers

[edit] Saturn
for these, it is unknown if there was any non-japanese release
    Nekketsu Oyako (1995) JP - T-1802G
    Kyuutenkai (1995) JP - T-1801G
    Hyper Reverthion (1996) JP - T-1803G
    Steeldom (1996) JP - T-1805G, T-1806G
    Thunder Force: Gold Pack 1 (1996) JP - T-1807G
    Hyper Duel (1996) JP - T-1809G
    Thunder Force: Gold Pack 2 (1996) JP - T-1808G
    Blast Wind (1997) JP - T-1810G
    Thunder Force V (1997) JP - T-1811G, T-1812G (special pack), T-1814G (satakore)
    Kumitate Battle Kuttu Ketto (1998) JP - T-1813G

ファンタシースターII テキストアドベンチャー [name]の冒険 oh boy historical information on sega's america operations pre-sega of america, not sure if we know all this already

Magic Knight -> Mahou Kishi for Japan-only games?

User:Andlabs/Genesis Development/Hacking Quick Reference


08 15 00 07 67 06 20 6D 00 02 4E 90
TODO related to sega entries?
TODO Sega release of Konami arcade games
TODO what is this?
sega results for that site with bemani: I think Mainman linked this but I know it was linked in IRC

I'm starting to think I should go back and rethink the naming system I used a year/two years ago and consider using the names Sega uses the most instead for the Japanese games or something IDK anymore :|

Going to be tough: recent Sega arcade games, as Sega of Japan doesn't centralize all the information in one place, but rather in at least three separate places (the arcade section of the main wesite,,, among others). In fact I should make a list of subdomains and hotspots as well

版 ban

JP Romanized Meaning
限定版 Genteiban ?
初回限定版 ? ?
お買い得版 Okaidoku-ban ?
価格改定版 ? ?
決定盤 ? ?
復刻版 Fukkokuban ?
同梱版 Doukonban ?
同梱版 Doukoriban ?
対応版 Taiouban ??
完全版 Kanzenhan (*) ??
  • according to GlitterBerri this is always han, never ban

TODO what is the difference between Doukonan and Doukoriban

User:Andlabs/Sega of Japan Dreamcast Master List

User:Andlabs/Sega of Japan Wii Master List ??

Everything Else invalid prices because alexa is a gayno vastly incomplete list because both alexa and sega's webmasters are/were (respectively) gaynos

my user page: sonic:User:Andlabs

User:Andlabs/Sega 32X rewriting this article
User:Andlabs/What I Have
User:Andlabs/Unlicensed and User:Andlabs/WIP Unlicensed Mega Drive All In One Resource help the world is a void
User:Andlabs/Sega of Japan Mega Drive Master List to make sure everything in the articles are correct (and partially because Sega loves being consistent)
User:Andlabs/Sega of Japan Mega CD Master List same, plus to make sure we have all our romanized names right
Mega Drive Unlicensed Game Emulation Notes

things to make:
a list of games that work properly in PAL but not NTSC and vice versa

things to do

  • coordinate grabbing scans (see forum {{replace}} topic)
  • more MD games
  • gameplay specifics on SMS/GG/arcade games
  • try to get Top Shooter (pirate arcade game running on raw MD hardware and unknown coin circuitry) to work with Gens/GS II now that someone (Eke?) figured out how it works and Eke added it to Genesis Plus/GX (I don't have a Wii...)
  • try to get those last two Zemina games to work
  • remaining Madou Monogatari I spells (one needs to be romanized)
  • Mega Drive game credits; also must be identical to original game, annotations if necessary
  • add Japanese names and prices to everything
  • add US names and prices to everything from NOA support list link to one page of such list
  • find out about The Dinosaur Dooley (unlicensed) as Hardcore Gaming 101 says this supposed SK-US partnership went unreleased while its original Korean version did... but no-intro has a ROM of it marked Korea...
  • find some relationship between Taito/Toaplan's Flying Shark and Taito/Toaplan's Twin Hawk (and possibly even to Fire Shark)

Saturn Master List Notes

ヴァージンインタラクティブエンターテインメント It appears that Sega has replaced most of the EA entries on the Saturn master list with this (Virgin Interactive Entertainment). WTF? More reason to do these lists... but maybe I'll wait until I get everything on the DC one sorted

BIG TODO do third party 1996-2000 because fuck too many

Corrections to Other Sites

User:Andlabs/Mega Drive Regional Name Equivalents ... fuck.

things to confirm/tell no-intro that aren't mentioned in any of the above pages:
Pro Striker Final Stage, no J.League
Bubsy should this have a colon (or a dash in their case) in the name?
is it DEcapAttack or Decap Attack? need to see manuals
should Férias Frustradas do Pica-Pau have the é in the datfile? I know it can't be in the filename =P
is it "Foreman for Real" or "Foreman For Real"?
is it "G-LOC: Air Battle" or "G-LOC Air Battle"?
is it "Gadget Twins" or "The Gadget Twins"?
rename "Lotus II" to "Lotus II: RECS"
"Tougi Ou King Colossus" should be, according to SS, the proper romanization (as Tougi == contest and Ou == king) but I wonder why everyone goes about it differently
is it "Second Samurai" or "The Second Samurai"?
is it "Wild Snake" (MD proto) or "WildSnake" (SNES final)?
"Yuu Yuu Hakusho"? "Yu Yu Hakusho"? "YuuYuu Hakusho"? WHAT IS IT FOR GOD'S SAKE
Eiyuu Densetsu subtitles
Puzzle & Action names should not end with an o ([1])
it should be Game no Kanzume
should the a in Rent a Hero be capitalized or not?
rename Sega Channel Demo (USA) (Program).md to include "#4"
shouldn't it be "Boxing Legends of The Ring" and not "the Ring" ?
figure out what to do with R.B.I. Baseball 4's Japanese name
add "True Golf Classics" to the "Pebble Beach Golf Links" name as "New 3D Golf Simulation" is on the "Pebble Beach no Hatou" name?
Galahad stuff
rename EU ROMs of World Class Leaderboard Golf to World Class Leader Board
Captain Planet saw no US release; did they confuse the Asian version and label that ROM as US?
ダイナブラザーズ2スペシャル says Dyna Brothers 2 Special, not Dyna Brothers 2: Sega Channel Special...
"Pelé II: World Tournament Soccer" is "Pelé's World Tournament Soccer" in Europe
change "FIFA 98: Road to World Cup" to "FIFA Road to World Cup 98" TODO find out if there should be a colon in there
should there be "Great Circus Mystery" in the JP title too?
HardBall III should have "Al Michaels Presents" or whatever it is before it (also it is unlicensed? huh)
TechnoClash should be one word according to copyrights (but is the C capital? US says yes, EU says no)
is it "Nikkan Sports Pro Yakyuu VAN" or "Nikkan Sports Pro Yakyuu Van"?
"NHL '94" is "NHL Hockey '94" in Europe
"Mig-29 Fighter Pilot" should be "MiG-29 Fighter Pilot"
"Mega Games 6 Vol. 3" should be "Mega 6 Vol. 3" or "Mega 6 vol. 3"
時の継承者 ファンタシースターIII has the pieces of the name in reverse...
"CutThroat Island" should be "Cutthroat Island" (as with the other sets)
Fun 'n' Games on EU back of box
"FIFA Soccer 97" is "FIFA 97" in Europe
Bubba'n'Stix should be Bubba 'N' Stix (and there probably shouldn't be a subtitle in the US one)
"Game Toshokan" should be "Sega Game Toshokan" (TODO get proof once full box scan comes)
is it "Show do Milhão Volume 2" or "Show do Milhão 2 Volume"?
is it "ResQ" or "Resq"?
is it "Tyrants - Fight through Time" or "Tyrants - Fight Through Time"?
should the subtitle be after "Super Battleship"?
Wonder Library should be modified to say "Requires MegaCD"
is it "Gambler Jiko Chuushinha" or "Gambler Jikochuushinha"
it should be "Where in ____ is Carmen Sandiego", not "Where in ____ Is Carmen Sandiego" (TODO find proof for all the mistaken sets)
"Tale Spin" should probably be "TaleSpin" (error in GG set)
should it be "Ozaki Naomichi no Super Masters"

things to tell Guardiana:
this is this
this is this
this is not the right cover
the Japanese John Madden Football is actually '92

Taito MD

this section sparked by similarities with Bonanza Bros.

Shoved Here

the stuff in my forum sig:

[url=""]Can you help me identify some stuff related to the Mega Modem so we can finally bust all the myths surrounding it?[/url]
[url=""]Can you help me identify the truth about Telenet Japan's RIOT studio?[/url]
[url=""]Can you help with cataloguing games released in Korea?[/url]
[url=""]What should the proper name of 36 Great Holes 32X be?[/url]
[url=""]Can you clear up naming disparities in the Japanese releases of Castle of Illusion?[/url]
[url=""]Can you dish up info on the arcade version of High Seas Havoc/Havoc/Captain Lang, which appears to run on special Mega Drive hardware?[/url]
[url=""]Should I list the Madou Monogatari games as Puyo Puyo games too?[/url]
[url=""]Do we need one page for every character hack ever?[/url]
Should [url=""]Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing[/url] and [url=""]Crush 40[/url] also be on Sega Retro?
[url=""]Could you help audit the article on Sega Mega Drive Collection/Sega Genesis Collection for PS2/PSP?[/url]
[url=""]Can you help shed some light on the unreleased Galaxy Force II for SuperGrafx, which might not exist anyway given what we have in the thread now?[/url]
[url=""]Can you help find stuff on composer Junko Shiratsu?[/url]

Can someone translate the production credits to:[list]
[*][url=""]Kidou Gekidan Haro Ichiza: Haro no Puyo Puyo?[/url]
[/list][url=""]Can you also help translate a bunch of interviews on Sega of Japan's archives?[/url]
[url=""]Can you translate the two untranslated Nazo Puyo mission cards?[/url]
[url=""]Can someone translate this page with prototype Mega Drive info?[/url]

Here's some ways you can help:


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