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Localisation comparisons

Model 1 version


JP version

VirtuaRacing Model1 US WDUD.png

US version (4:3)

VirtuaRacing Model1 US WDUD Widescreen.png

US version (16:9)

The US has a "Winners Don't Use Drugs" screen.

Mega Drive version

VirtuaRacing MD JP Sega.png

JP version

VirtuaRacing MD US Sega.png

US/EU versions

The Western versions include a ™ symbol next to the Sega logo.

Version comparisons

Title screen

Virtua Racing Title.png

Arcade (Model 1)

VirtuaRacing MD TitleScreen.png

Mega Drive

Course select

VirtuaRacing Model1 Select.png

Arcade (Model 1)

VirtuaRacing MD Select.png

Mega Drive

Big Forest start

VirtuaRacing Model1 BigForestStart.png

Arcade (Model 1)

VirtuaRacing MD BigForestStart.png

Mega Drive

The Model 1 arcade board consists of then-cutting edge graphics hardware supplied by US military contractors - even with the SVP chip, the Mega Drive version cannot hope to match the arcade version's visuals. Polygon counts are dramatically reduced across the board - the pit crew are little more than rectangles, and much of the intricate scenery details have been dropped.


Virtua Racing

Virtua Racing Title.png

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