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Arcade version

Developer mentions

Mega Drive version

In-game credits
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Developer mentions[3]

In-game high score table

The game also contains a high score table which may reference the following developers.

Arcade version

Unaccounted for: Kohki Koiwa, Nobukatsu Hiranoya

Mega Drive version


Arcade version

Yukinobu Arikawa

  • Helped create the road marking graphics.[1]

Mega Drive version

Takenobu Mitsuyoshi

  • Composed all new music.[4]
  • Notated music (including timbres) of Model 1 version music to be used in porting.[5]
  • Created an unused phrase sampling rhythm for DEMONSTRATION music.[5]

Tohru Nakabayashi

  • Mainly sound programming.[5]
  • Synchronized an unused phrase sampling rhythm with the FM sound in DEMONSTRATION music.[5]

Tomoyuki Kawamura

  • Mainly sound effects.[5]


Virtua Racing

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