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Mega Drive version

Mirror tracks

VirtuaRacing MD MirrorMode.png

During the Sega logo, press HOLD A+B+Up START . Keep all buttons held until the demo sequence appears, then release. On the main menu, a new backwards "Racing Virtua" option will appear in the bottom right, complete with mirrored tracks[1].

Debug mode

VirtuaRacing MD DebugMode.png

Setting RAM address 00FFD86D to 0 during gameplay will enable a debug mode. All opponents will be halted and debugging info will be shown at the top of the screen.

SVP test mode

VirtuaRacing MD SVPTestMode1.png

VirtuaRacing MD SVPTestMode2.png

The game can be forced to boot into a test mode for the Sega Virtua Processor by using Game Genie code REAT-E61A or Pro Action Replay code 201E0:4E71. If the game does not detect the SVP chip, it will report a communication error (shown in the left screenshot). Otherwise, it will check the integrity of the SVP and make sure everything is working (shown in the right screenshot).[2]


Virtua Racing

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