XE-1 ST2

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XE-1 ST2
Made for: SG-1000 II, Sega Mark III, Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive
Manufacturer: Dempa
Type: Arcade stick
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
¥5,900 (6,077)5,900e[1]

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The XE-1 ST2 is a joystick manufactured by Dempa. It is an upgraded version of the XE-1 ST, designed for use with multiple platforms, namely all Sega home consoles from the SG-1000 II to the Mega Drive (the XE-1 ST only supported up to the Master System), as well as any PC that uses DE-9 ports for game controllers (such as the MSX family, FM-TOWNS, X68000 and certain PC-88 models). The Mode switch selects between Personal Computer and Sega Series. There are also Select and Start/Run buttons. The Start/Run button functions as Start and Pause for the Mega Drive. The Select button is nonfunctional with Sega consoles, and the Start/Run button is nonfunctional with the Mark III/Master System.

Unlike the XE-1 Pro, it does not have turbo fire options. It has three buttons labeled A, B and B/C. These correspond to the Mega Drive's A, B and C buttons. When used with the Mark III/Master System, the third button does not function as A and B combined. Instead, button A is nonfunctional, while B and B/C function as buttons 1 and 2.

The joystick can be set to either 4-way or 8-way movement. The buttons can be rotated 90 degrees depending on the user's preference.

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