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CRI Middleware Co., Ltd. is a middleware company that succeeded CSK Research Institute in 2001. Their customers since this move have included high-profile clients such as Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Capcom, Konami, Namco Bandai Games, Atari Infogrames, Sony Computer Entertainment, Square Enix, and Bungie.

Products and services

CRIWare logo (2006-2021).

These products and services are now offered by CRI under the collective name of "CRIWARE".


CRI ADX is a streamed audio format which allows for multiple audio streams, seamless looping and continuous playback (allowing two or more files to be crossfaded or played in sequence) with low, predictable CPU usage. The format uses the ADPCM framework.

CRI Sofdec

CRI Sofdec is a streamed video format supporting up to 24bit color which includes multistreaming and seamless playback with a frame rate of up to 60 frames per second. It is essentially a repackaging of MPEG-1/MPEG-2 video with CRI's proprietary CRI ADX Codec for audio playback.

CRI Clipper

CRI Clipper is an automated lip-syncing program which analyzes waveforms and outputs an appropriate lip pattern into a text file, for later substitution into the facial animations of the (in-game) speaker.


CRI ROFS is a file management system for handling a virtual disc image, an extension of the CD-ROM standard. It has no limitations on file name format, or number of directories or files, and has been designed with compatibility with CRI ADX and CRI Sofdec in mind.

CRI Sound Factory

CRI Sound Factory is a GUI-based video game audio tool for effective sound design without input from programmers. It has support for the previewing and playback of generated audio.

CRI Movie Encode

CRI Movie Encode is a video encoding service by which CRI generates Sofdec or MPEG files from other media. For a fee (designated by the length of the file to be encoded), files are converted to the desired format with the quality specified by the client.

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