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Sculptured Software was an American video game developer based in Salt Lake City, Utah and founded in 1984 by George Metos, Peter Adams, and Bryan Brandenburg. George Metos incorporated the company on July 12, 1985 in the state of Utah with the help of some investors, as Sculptured Software, Inc. The company was an early pioneer in the video gaming industry, porting many games from arcade to home console systems, and developing its own games as well. The development company stayed very busy and successful, with over 50 games to its credit, so it is of no surprise that the company became a target for acquisition by larger companies. This happened in October 1995 when Acclaim Inc. bought the company.

Acclaim had also purchased Probe Entertainment as well as Iguana Entertainment several months earlier, and the three companies were collectively known as "Acclaim Studios" in 1998, although no official name changing happened until later. It appears that the Sculptured Studios, Inc. name remained since it was printed on game packaging all the way through 1999. It was referred to as "Iguana West", but it is unsure whether this name was officially used as a development entity.

Restructuring and rearranging things within Acclaim occurred in an attempt to streamline operations, and the Sculptured Software name was discontinued in favor of Acclaim Studios Salt Lake City in about July 1999. The first game on record developed by Acclaim Studios SLC was ECW Hardcore Revolution (January 31, 2000), and the last completed game by the studio was Legends of Wrestling II (2002). Acclaim Studios SLC was working on Legends of Wrestling III and one other unannounced game when the headquarters decided to close the studio in December 2002. Everything was absorbed into Acclaim's Austin studio at that time.