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Core Design
Founded: 1988
Defunct: 2006
T-series code: T-115
Merged into: Eidos Interactive (1996)
Tradewinds House, 69/71A, Ashbourne Road, Derby, United Kingdom, DE22 3FS
55 Ashbourne Road, Derby, United Kingdom, DE22 3FS

Core Design Ltd. was a video game developer and publisher headquartered in Derby, United Kingdom. It was founded in in 1988 by Chris Shrigley, Andy Green, Rob Toone, Terry Lloyd, Simon Phipps, Dave Pridmore, Jeremy Heath-Smith and Greg Holmes, most of whom were former employees at Gremlin Graphics.

Core Design are best known for creating the Tomb Raider franchise. The studio was acquired by U.S. Gold in 1994 and made part of distribution company CentreGold, a joint venture between U.S. Gold and CentreSoft. CentreGold was then acquired by Eidos Interactive in April 1996[1] who sold CentreSoft but kept U.S. Gold. In their early years, Core Design were also responsible for computer ports of Action Fighter and Dynamite Dux - two properties owned by Sega.

Over the coming years Core Design were mainly tasked with creating Tomb Raider games, but after 2003's Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness was panned by the gaming press, Eidos put another of their owned studios, Crystal Dynamics in charge of the franchise. This move prompted key members from Core Design to resign and form Circle Studio. Core Design's assets, bar Tomb Raider were then sold to Rebellion Developments on May 11, 2006. The Derby studios were closed in 2010 due to funding issues.


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