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Stephen "Snake" Palmer
Place of birth: England, United Kingdom
Company(ies): Accolade, Audiogenic, SCI, Virgin, Iguana Entertainment, Sega, Infogrames, Backbone Entertainment
Role(s): Programmer

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Stephen "Snake" Palmer, commonly known as Steve Snake, is a British video game programmer and Sega emulator developer, known for creating the renowned Sega Mega Drive emulator Kega.


Palmer is a veteran of the early British games industry and a longtime member of the Sega emulation scene. His current project and the latest incarnation of his Sega emulator is Kega Fusion, an emulator that spans various Sega consoles. He was also a programmer in the 1980s and 1990s, coding games such as Rodland for the Commodore 64 and NBA Jam Tournament Edition for the the Sega Mega Drive.

He also has a notable history in the Sonic scene, especially in regards to prototypes. Upon the February 2008 prototype release, Palmer created a specifically-modified version of Kega Fusion which supports the various discovered prototypes of Knuckles' Chaotix without crashing (and the first emulator to do so.)


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