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AM Annex
Division of Sega of Japan
Founded: 1996
Defunct: 1999-05
Merged into: Sega Software R&D Dept. 5

AM Annex(AM分室) was a development team within Sega which formed in 1995[1].

AM Annex was formed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi after discussions were made to split up the then-100 man Sega AM3. The majority of AM Annex's staff had worked on Sega Rally Championship and Manx TT SuperBike, with their first creation being 1996's Sega Touring Car Championship. They also had a hand in Sega Rally 2. They were re-branded AM12 in September 1998[2] and again renamed to Sega Software R&D Dept. 5 in May 1999.[3] In 2000, it was spun off as Sega Rosso.[1][4]

Simlar to AM3, AM Annex were credited on the covers of European Sega games.


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