Mônica no Castelo do Dragão

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MonicanoCastelodoDragao title.png

Mônica no Castelo do Dragão
System(s): Sega Master System
Publisher: Tec Toy
Licensor: Mauricio de Sousa Produções
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
Official in-game languages:
  • Português
  • Release Date RRP Code
    Sega Master System

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    Mônica no Castelo do Dragão ("Monica at the Dragon Castle") is a retooled version of Wonder Boy in Monster Land released in 1991, exclusively in Brazil. Authorized and licensed by Sega, it was produced by Tec Toy together with "Maurício de Sousa Produções" to suit a Brazilian audience, using popular national characters. This version features Mônica, a character from the popular Brazilian children's comic Turma da Mônica (Monica and Friends in English), created by the cartoonist Mauricio de Sousa. This was the first Master System game to receive this type of localization treatment from Tec Toy - several others would follow in the next years.

    In April 1992 the game had an adapted version published in the 64th issue of the Editora Globo incarnation of the Mônica comic book, on which Capitão Feio (Captain Fray in English, the villain seen in the game's title screen) appears in the end to fight Mônica. This story was available online for free for a while, both in Portuguese and in English, but is currently offline, although the Portuguese version can be read through the Wayback Machine.


    Capitão Feio, Master of the Sewers, one of the most terrifying villains that comics have ever known, has the dream of conquering the world to leave it dirty and polluted. To achieve this goal, he gathered a powerful army of monsters, having the evil dragon Cospe Fogo as his right arm.

    By surprise, the monsters attacked and dominated everyone. Now, only one person can defeat Capitão Feio and his allies: our little friend Mônica. To overcome the bad guys, Mônica can count on the help of her bunny Sansão, and friends who will give her rest, sell weapons, and share valuable information.

    If Mônica fails, she will become a monster of dirt. She will need a lot of your skill, determination and courage, to free the world from the monsters and make Capitão Feio go back to the sewers!

    Good adventure!

    — Translated prologue from the manual [2]


    The original game mechanics and commands remained untouched: Up open doors and climb stairs, Down throws bombs, use special weapons and go down stairs. 1 stabs the enemies with the main weapon, which in this version is the bunny Sansão instead of a sword; 2 jumps and leave buildings faster.  START  brings up the status window, which shows your points, gold, equipment, potions and so on.

    Killing monsters, passing through obstacles and collecting treasures grant you points and reaching multiples of 100,000 adds extra hearts. Getting hit or falling onto dangerous kind of grounds such as lava makes your health, represented by little red hearts which become black in your status bar, go down and you lose a life once all of them become black.

    The gold collected during the game, in the form of coins and bags, can be used to purchase equipment as well as other useful items.


    MnCdD SMS BR ReinoDoCapitaoFeio.png

    Reino do Capitão Feio
    First round is pretty short and easy, with the monsters being very weak and most of them immobile.
    Enemies: Cobra, Urutu.
    Boss(es): Dona Foice (drops key and coins).
    Buildings: (1) NPC who hands in the initial sword, (2) Bar, (3) Boss.

    MnCdD SMS BR ValeDosMonstros.png

    Vale dos monstros
    Second round is longer, split in 3 parts and slightly harder since almost all enemies can walk or fly into you.
    Enemies: Chapéu de Sapo, Cobra, Duende Zim, Morcego Fang.
    Boss(es): Demian (drops weapon), Jenifer (drops key).
    Buildings: (1) Shoes Shop, (2) Bar, (3) Shield Shop, (4) Item Shop, (!) Hidden NPC, (5) Demian, (6) Shoes Shop, (7) Hospital, (8) Jenifer.

    MnCdD SMS BR CasteloDoCondeMalvado.png

    Castelo do Conde Malvado
    Third round is still easy and has 3 parts too. Most enemies are floating ghosts that are easy to kill, one of them that guards a long ladder can be annoying and must be lured away though.
    Enemies: Bolha, Cobra, Urutu, Chapéu de Sapo, Duende Zim.
    Boss(es): Conde Malvado (drops only coins).
    Buildings: (1) Bar, (2) Item Shop, (!) Hidden Armor Shops, (3) Conde Malvado.

    MnCdD SMS BR CidadeDosPantanos.png

    Cidade dos pântanos
    Fourth round has two parts, plus a secret one. To access the secret area, after facing the Escórpio, get on top of the first platform, drop down between the two platforms and hold the left button to make sure you land on the spot where a secret shop is at.
    Enemies: Glub, Escórpio, Alee Rato, Octopus.
    Boss(es): O Coisa (1st time: drops key and coins / 2nd time: drops coins and a Coração Grande).
    Buildings: (1) Armor Shop, (2) Hospital, (3) Bar, (!) Hidden NPC, (4) Shield Shop, (Secret Area) Medicine Shop, (5) O Coisa.

    MnCdD SMS BR DesertoDeFogo.png

    Deserto de Fogo
    Fifth round gets a little harder, with flying and ranged enemies (not a big deal if you own a shield).
    Enemies: Duende Zim, Cobra, Morcego Vamp, Homem Lama, Duende Zom.
    Boss(es): Bing Bong (drops weapon).
    Buildings: (1) Bar, (!) Hidden Boss, (2) Armor Shop, (3) Bar.

    MnCdD SMS BR PiramideDoDuqueArmadura.png

    Pirâmide do Duque Armadura
    Sixth round is a nightmare for beginners, with floating platforms, deadly sharp spikes on the ground and annoying ghosts. There's also a secret shop around the end of the first part. It's also worth noting that the boss can be skipped if you answer his question correctly.
    Enemies: Junior Foice, Serpente, Urutu, Master Rato, Alee Rato, Vegetarius.
    Boss: Duque Armadura (drops only coins).
    Buildings: (!) Hidden Shop, (1) Hospital, (!) Hidden Armor Shop, (!) Hidden Shoes Shop, (2) Bar, (3) Boss.

    MnCdD SMS BR IlhaDosRatos.png

    Ilha dos ratos
    Seventh round is kind of long having 4 parts. The 4th part is optional but it's recommended to explore it.
    Enemies: Master Rato, Serpente, Bolha, Glub, Escórpio, Super Bolha, Escudeiro de Bronze.
    Boss(es): Mama Foice (drops weapon), Sir Aço (1st time: drops key and money bags / 2nd time: drops money bags and a Coração Grande).
    Buildings: (1) Shoes Shop, (2) Armor & Item Shop, (3) Bar, (4) Hospital, (5) Mama Foice, (6) Info NPC, (7) Sir Aço, (!) Spot to use the Flauta (flute) if you acquired it previously, (!) Hidden NPC that trades a Estrela Mágica (star charm) for your Flauta.

    MnCdD SMS BR VilaDosCactos.png

    Vila dos cactos
    Eighth round is also split in 4 parts and features 2 bosses. Around the middle of the 1st part you must choose if you wanna go to the 2nd or 3rd part, by falling down a pit or not. If you fall down, you cannot access the 3rd part where the 1st (secret) boss is at.
    Enemies: Bolha, Homem Lama, Alee Rato, Duende Zom, Escudeiro de Bronze, Super Bolha, Vegetarius, Mega Foice, Morcego Vamp.
    Boss(es): Feiticeiro (drops a spell item), Medusa (drops key and money bags).
    Buildings: (1) Bar, (!) Hidden Optional Boss (Feiticeiro), (!) Hidden Obligatory Boss (Medusa), (2) Misc Shop.

    MnCdD SMS BR CidadeFlutuante.png

    Cidade flutuante
    Ninth round has 3 parts and 2 bosses. The 1st and secret boss is accessible around the end of the 2nd part, a vertical descent to the bottom of a cave. It's a good choice to beat him since he drops the best weapon of the game.
    Enemies: Serpente, Duende Zom, Morcego Vamp, Homem Lama, Super Bolha.
    Boss(es): Super Demian (drops weapon), Porco (drops key and money bags).
    Buildings: (1) Shield Shop, (2.1) Bar, (2.2) Armor Shop (reachable wearing a pair of Botas Mágicas), (3) Armor Shop, (!) Hidden Boss (Super Demian), (4) Porco.

    MnCdD SMS BR CasteloDeGelo.png

    Castelo de gelo
    Tenth round is split in two parts only, that are full of ice and lava (no, you didn't misread).
    Enemies: Serpente, Junior Foice, Morcego Vamp, Glub, Mega Foice, Escórpio, Octopus.
    Boss(es): Sing Song (drops money bags).
    Buildings: (1) Shield Shop, (2) Armor Shop, (3) Shoes Shop, (4) Misc Shop.

    MnCdD SMS BR ReinoSubmarinoDoReiSapo.png

    Reino submarino do Rei Sapo
    Eleventh round is quite long, having 5 parts.
    Enemies: Vegetarius, Octopus, Escórpio, Homem Lodo, Mega Foice, Morcego Vamp, Escudeiro de Aço.
    Boss(es): Sir Prata (drops key and money bags).
    Buildings: (1) Bar, (2) Shop and a secret NPC (if you have the Estrela Mágica), (3) Bar, (4) Armor Shop, (5) Misc Shop, (6) Hospital, (7) Shoes Shop, (8) Sir Prata, (9) Misc Shop, (10) If you've explored everything up to now you can buy either a Sino or a Pedra mágica.

    MnCdD SMS BR LabirintoSemFim.png

    Labirinto sem fim
    Twelfth and last round is almost as long as the other 11 rounds together, challenging and fun. You'll find yourself in a labyrinth where you face many different monsters, which now won't drop any money since there are no shops anymore.
    Enemies: Cobra, Junior Foice, Urutu, Duende Zom, Escudeiro de Bronze, Bolha, Super Bolha, Homem Lodo.
    Boss(es): Cospe Fogo original form, Cospe Fogo robot form.
    Buildings: None.

    Production credits

    The game doesn't feature a credits roll, though the above is known from magazine articles and interviews[1].

    • Design and sound: Maurício de Sousa Produções
    • Programming: Tec Toy

    Promotional material

    Print advert in Games' Feras (BR) #1: "Janeiro/Fevereiro 1992" (1992-xx-xx)
    also published in:
    Print advert in Supergame (BR) #15: "Outubro 1992" (1992-10-xx)
    MnCdD SMS BR Comic Cover.jpg
    Cover of Mônica Issue 64
    MnCdD SMS BR Comic Cover.jpg
    MnCdD SMS BR Comic Title.jpg
    Bottom-left says: "Free adaptation of the videogame Mônica no Castelo do Dragão"
    MnCdD SMS BR Comic Title.jpg

    Physical scans

    Master System, BR
    WBML SMS BR Box.jpg
    MnCdD SMS BR Cart.jpg
    MnCdD SMS BR Manual.pdf


    Technical information

    ROM dump status

    System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
    Sega Master System
    CRC32 01d67c0b
    MD5 d649ce52d05d88efdaca81d2ccc57d2d
    SHA-1 e05953a3772452f821c3815231a25940a1d93803
    256kB Cartridge (BR)


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