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New Mega Drive
Manufacturer: Nasun Electronic Co. Ltd
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Sega Mega Drive

New Mega Drive is a Sega Mega Drive console sold only in South Korea by Seoul-based electronics company Nasun Zzangpo (aka Nasun Electronic Co. Ltd).


Visually, the New Mega Drive is unlike any other Mega Drive release. The console is roughly the same size as the Mega Drive II/Genesis II (22cm x 20cm).

Aside from the grey and orange ‘Sega 16bit Mega Drive’ lettering upon its lid, the New Mega Drive console is host to a further number of interesting details. On the bottom right of the console, ‘Powered by Sega’ is written in gold text. Directly opposite, is a Korean typeset and a logo containing the word ‘Elite’ – whether this is a reference to the manufacturer, or a particular technology contained within the console remains a complete mystery. Also incorporated on the top of the console is a red ‘on-off’ LED light and ‘squared-off’ cartridge slot, much like the configuration of its Japanese/Asian Mega Drive counterparts.

The New Mega Drive shares a number of similarities with the Genesis 3, most notable is the console's methods connectivity, which come in the form of RF and A/V outputs. Much like the Genesis 3, the New Mega Drive's motherboard contains a 315-6123 ASIC chip.

Box contents

The console includes an A/V cable, DC 9V power adaptor and instruction manual. It also comes packaged with a six-button control pad in a separate cardboard box. Although the packaging for the New Mega Drive's control pad illustrates a circa-1993 Sega-branded Japanese-configured pad, its contents reveals an accessory of an altogether different kind. In place of the ‘Sega’ wording, the New Mega Drive’s control pad displays a golden oval-shaped logo in with the letters ‘KMK’ at its centre. Moulded from a single piece of plastic, with a complete matte finish, the Nasun Zzangpo pad inherits nothing of the finesse of its Japanese counterpart.


Based on what little information exists on the New Mega Drive console, it is hard to ascertain whether or not the console is in fact licensed by Sega. Although its extensive use of Sega branding suggests otherwise, a notable typo on its box (computer video game 'sistem') and a poorly designed Sega logo also on its outer packaging do much to hinder the New Mega Drive's official status. To date, none of the New Mega Drive consoles examined have displayed a serial number or similar identifying sticker.


Physical scans

Mega Drive, KR
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