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Made for: Sega Mega Drive
Manufacturer: Tec Toy?
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The unnamed MK-1470 control pad is a controller for the Sega Mega Drive which saw a very limited release in Brazil and North America.

At this present time, it is unknown why this control pad exists - it was distributed with one specific model of the Super Mega Drive 3 by Tec Toy in the late 1990s, released at a similar time to another MK-1470 control pad by Majesco, primarily for their Genesis 3 console. This MK-1470 is functionally identical to that model, sporting six face buttons and primitive turbo features, but has very different aesthetics more akin to the standard 3 button control pad.

Strangely, it was also bundled with Majesco's Genesis 3 in North America, even though the other model was always on the box.

This MK-1470 is noted for having a poorer build quality than its siblings.

All controllers of this type of MK-1470 have printed circuit boards with Honey Bee SG-6 marking.

Tec Toy would later fall back to the more familiar Six Button Control Pad (Japanese-style) for later consoles.


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