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For the Sega Mega Drive game, see FIFA Road to World Cup 98 (Mega Drive).


FIFA98 Sat Title.png

FIFA Road to World Cup 98
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Licensor: Fédération Internationale de Football Association, International Sport and Leisure
Peripherals supported: Saturn Backup Memory
Genre: Sports (football)

Number of players: 1-8
Official in-game languages:
  • English
  • Français
  • Deutsch
  • Italiano
  • Español
  • Svenska
  • Nederlands
  • Release Date RRP Code
    Sega Saturn
    ESRB: Kids to Adults
    Sega Saturn
    USK: 0
    Sega Saturn
    ELSPA: 3+ OK
    Sega Saturn
    ELSPA: 3+ OK
    Sega Saturn
    Sega Saturn
    £44.9944.99[2] T-5025H-50
    ELSPA: 3+ OK
    Sega Saturn
    ELSPA: 3+ OK
    Sega Saturn
    Sega Saturn
    Tectoy: Todas as Idades
    Non-Sega versions

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    FIFA Road to World Cup 98 is a 1997 football game by Electronic Arts released for the Sega Saturn as a sequel (or update) to FIFA 97.

    FIFA 98s packaging is localised, featuring players from the local country's national football team.


    Though its predecessors also held the FIFA license, FIFA Road to World Cup 98 goes one step further by tying itself into the 1998 FIFA World Cup, including all 172 FIFA-registered national teams which existed at the time (incidentally it would not be until 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa when EA would include all national teams which took part in qualification). 189 club teams from 11 national leagues are also featured, and teams can also be created and edited by the user.

    Des Lynam returns to introduce matches, as does commentators John Motson and Andy Gray.


    FIFA 98 on the Saturn was one of EA's final releases for the system, and is noticeably stripped down when compared to its PlayStation counterpart. All full motion video cutscenes render at a lower resolution (with borders), support for Dolby Surround was dropped and much of the graphical detail is missing, with fewer textures, lower quality shadows and simpler (and sometimes non-existent) animations (the latter seemingly at odds with EA's heavily publicised use of then-cutting edge motion capture technology). It does mean the Saturn game takes less time to load, however (though both are trounced by the cartridge-based Nintendo 64 version whose load times are near-instantaneous).

    Players are much larger than their rival console counterparts, giving the impression that pitches are smaller than they should be. Many of the omissions can curiously be found in the previous year's release of FIFA Soccer 97.

    Localised names

    Also known as
    Language Localised Name English Translation
    English FIFA Road to World Cup 98 FIFA Road to World Cup 98
    English (US) FIFA Road to World Cup 98 FIFA Road to World Cup 98
    French FIFA: En Route pour la Coupe du Monde 98
    German FIFA: Die WM-Qualifikation 98
    Spanish FIFA: Rumbo al Mundial 98

    Production credits

    Climax Team
    • President-Climax: Karl Jeffery
    • Producer: Scott Sanders
    • Lead Programmer: ZZKJ
    • Senior Programmers: Damian Stones, Damian Hammond, Tom Pinnock
    • Additional Programming: Richard Beavan
    • Lead Artist: Agust Fridriksson
    • Artist: Mike Oakley
    • Audio Conversion: Matt Simmonds
    • Tester: George Buggins
    EAC Team
    • Executive Producer: Bruce McMillan
    • Director, Product Development: Warren Wallssistants
    • Producer: Marc Aubanel
    • Assistant Producer: David McCarthy
    • Development Director: Dylan Miklashek
    • Original 32Bit Version By: Electronic Arts Seattle
    • Programming Architect: Penny Lee
    • Franchise Development Director: Gaivan Chang
    • Art Director: David Adams
    • Franchise Art Lead: Jackie Ritchie
    • Core Production: Andy Abramovici, Brent Disbrow, Robert Kaill, Nick Malaperiman, Heidi Newell, M. James Schulte, Kerry Whalen, Nicholas Wlodyka
    • Core Team Lead Programmers: Desmond Fernando, Brian Plank, Andrew Routledge, Ted Sylka
    • Core Team Programmers: Wyatt Cheng, Hong Chin, Jorge Consuegra, Michael Gordon, Chris Khoo, John Lawrie, Kevin Pickell, Jason Rupert, Bartosz Kijanka
    • Animation Lead: Joe MacDonald
    • Animator: Cory Slavin
    • Additional Animation: David Demorest
    • Additional Art: Terry Chui, Brian Keane, Margaret Livesey, Laura Parr
    • Audio Speciallists: Omar Al-Kafaji, Neil Biggin, Chris Tailor (CT)
    • CG Supervisor: John Rix
    • CG Artist: Craig Hui
    • Additional CG Art: Dimension's Edge
    • Video Lead: Tom Raycove
    • Video Assistant: Dwayne Wudrich
    • Production Assistants: Catherine Williamson, Iris Benbasset, Jeniffer Campbell
    • CO-OP Production Assistant: Renton Leversedge
    • Manager, Motion Capture: Evan Hirsch
    • Motion Capture Shoot Supervision: David Coleman
    • Motion Capture: Demian Gordon, Moses Kaplinsky, Daven Coburn, Andrea Donnely, JJ Gonzales, Vince Ng, Peter Saumur, Susan Skerl-Cote
    • Manager, 3D Tools: Paul Lewis
    • 3D Tools: Bill Craft, Sean Halliday, Frank Henigman, Ian Gilliland, Sallie Melluso, Scott Swan
    • Manager, Libraries: Rick Friesen
    • Libraries: James Fairweather, Dave Mercier, Shane Alfreds, Kurt Kennett, Gerry Shaw, Curtis Patzer
    • Localization Producer: Louise Read
    • European Localisation Manager: Dominique Goy
    • Language Testing Coordinator: Matt Eyre
    • Voice Talent: John Motson, Andy Gray, Desmond Lynam
    • QA Coordinator: John Santamaria
    • QA Lead: Gordon Thornton
    • QA Assistant Leads: Kyle Seller, Mike McCartney
    • QA Testers: Randy Deluna, Patrick Donaghy, Cristian Isac, Rafael Erana, Ali Mehrassa, Octavio Izaurraulde, Fausto Mazzuto, Ryan Yewell, David Weller, Mark Peters, Carvy Spindler, Edward Chiu
    • Common Database: Mark Lawson
    • EAC QA Mastering: Peter Petkov, Jeff Hutchinson, Cary Chao
    • EAC QA Tech: Bill Kim, Colin Cox, Darcy Gog, Chris Wallace, Paul Breland, Jason Feser, Zech Prinz
    • Technical Advisors: Mike Mosher, Sam Iacobellis
    • Product Marketing: Paula Singleton, Margaret Murray, Duncan Magee
    • Public Relations: Keith Dundas
    • Documentation: Andrea Engstrom
    • Documentation Layout: Corinne Mah
    • Package Art and Design: Nancy Waisanen, Oshiro Design, Allsport USA
    • EASM Quality Assurance: Jesse Abney, Richard Beresh
    • Special Thanks: SD Post - UK Studio, Marina Crean, Duncan Backus, Joerg Brand, Bettina Klos, Petrina Wallace, Michael de Plater, Niclas Nordlander, Rob Bailey, Wayne Paugh, Brian Ward, Klly Kooner, Caroline Ancessi, Kiyomi Hisatsugu, Susan Su, Sissel Tangen, Min Choi, Chung Tze Yang, Marni Donnely, Steve Berberet, Tony Garcia, Shannon Manley, Alan Van Slyke, Ron Bolinger, Wes Potter, Tracey Dear
    • Music Consultant: Jonnie Forster at Tuff Break Sports & Entertainment
    • Blur
    • Song 2
      • Written by: Damon Albarn, Steven Alexander James, Graham Coxon and David Rowntree
      • Performed by: Blur
      • ©1997 EMI Music Publishing Ltd.
      • All Rights For EMI Music Publishing Ltd. in the United States and Canada Controlled by EMI Blackwood Music Inc.
      • Under License from EMI UK
    • The Crystal Method
    • Keep Hope Alive
      • Under License from EMI Music Publishing
      • ©1995 EMI Virgin Songs. Inc. and Drug Money Music
    • More
      • ©The Crystal Method
      • ©1996 EMI Virgin Songs. Inc. and Drug Money Music
    • Now Is The Time (Cloud 9 Remix)
      • Under License from EMI Music Publishing
      • ©1996 EMI Virgin Songs. Inc. and Drug Money Music
    • Busy Child
      • Courtesy of Outpost Records
      • ©1997 EMI Virgin Songs. Inc. and Drug Money Music
      • All Songs Written by: Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland
      • All Songs Performed by: The Cristal Method
      • All Rights Controlled and Administered by: EMI Virgin Songs. Inc.
    • Electric Skychurch
    • Hugga Bear
      • Written by: James Lumb
      • Performed By: Electric Skychurch
      • Produced by: James Lumb for Skychurch Family Productions
      (P)1997 Skychurch Family Productions
      ©1997 Lumpy Spacetime Music (ASCAP)
    All Rights Reserved Used by Permission
    Flag artwork provided under license by Dream Maker Software.
    © 1996 Dream Maker Software
    All Rights Reserved
    In-game credits

    Magazine articles

    Main article: FIFA Road to World Cup 98 (Saturn)/Magazine articles.

    Promotional material

    Gameshow 32 TR EA advert.png
    Print advert in Gameshow (TR) #32: "Kasım 1997" (1997-xx-xx)
    Gameshow 32 TR EA advert.png
    Print advert in Morgunblaðið (IS) #1998-02-27 (1998-02-27)
    Gameshow 36 TR EA advert.png
    Print advert in Gameshow (TR) #36: "Mart-Nisan 1998" (1998-xx-xx)
    Gameshow 36 TR EA advert.png

    Physical scans

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    FIFA Road to World Cup 98 (Saturn)

    Saturn, US
    FIFA98 Saturn US Box Back.jpgFIFA98 Saturn US Box Front.jpg
    FIFA98 Saturn US Disc.jpg
    Fifasoccer98 sat us manual.pdf
    Saturn, UK
    FIFA98 Saturn UK Box.jpg
    FIFA RoadtotheWorldCup 98 SAT UK Disc.jpg
    Saturn, FR
    FIFA98 Saturn FR Box.jpg
    Saturn, DE
    FIFA98 Saturn DE Box.jpg
    Saturn, ES
    FIFA98 Saturn ES Box.jpg
    Saturn, IT
    FIFA98 Saturn IT Box.jpg
    Saturn, PT
    FIFA98 Saturn PT Box.jpg
    Saturn, BR
    FIFA98 Saturn BR Box Front.jpg

    Technical information

    Main article: FIFA Road to World Cup 98 (Saturn)/Technical information.

    ROM dump status

    System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
    Sega Saturn
    492,555,840 CD-ROM (DE) T-5025H-50 V1.000
    Sega Saturn
    456,883,056 CD-ROM (EU) T-5025H-50 V1.000
    Sega Saturn
    454,608,672 CD-ROM (FR) T-5025H-50 V1.000


    FIFA Road to World Cup 98 (Saturn)

    FIFA98 Sat Title.png

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