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HeartBeat Personal Trainer
Manufacturer: HeartBeat Corporation[1]
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Sega Mega Drive

The HeartBeat Personal Trainer, also known as the HeartBeat System and the HeartBeat control deck, is a Sega Mega Drive variant themed around personal fitness. Designed and manufactured by HeartBeat Corporation and including the Catalyst body-mounted fitness sensor hardware[1], it was released exclusively in the United States in November 1993. Notable for having a production run of only 1,000 units, and sold with the exclusive pack-in game Outback Joey, both are considered some of the rarest pieces of Mega Drive history in existence.[3]

Contrary to popular belief, the system is not required to operate the HeartBeat Catalyst fitness sensor hardware, and the latter was even sold separately for those who already owned a Sega Mega Drive.[4][5]


The HeartBeat Personal Trainer is compatible with any NTSC Genesis cartridge, and has no additional features over a standard Mega Drive. The upper half of the system itself is a custom shell using a smooth, sandpaper-like texture designed to mimic that found on the grips and handles of gym exercise machines, with the bottom half taken directly from a Model 1 Genesis. Though not a requirement, the Personal Trainer is intended for use with fitness machines such as exercise bikes and treadmills.

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